Choosing a Kitchen Designer

Preswick Kitchen Design, Anne Arundel County, Johnson Lumber

Choosing a kitchen designer to handle your remodel does not mean they are taking over the operation. A designer’s job is to facilitate your dreams into reality. But how do you choose the right kitchen designer? Johnson Lumber’s kitchen designers do not shut you out; they work with you through the whole process – from […]

Choosing a Deck Material


There is no one-type-fits-all when it comes to decking material. At Johnson Lumber Company, we carry many types of wood and partner with suppliers to get you the materials you want and need. But with so many options, how do you choose the deck material that’s right for you? It depends a lot on your […]

Energy Efficient Windows


Ever wonder why your energy bill goes up in the winter? It could be your windows. While you’re preparing for the cold and winterizing your home, make sure inspecting your windows is on the checklist. If you notice even a slight draft or a drop in temperature near your windows, it may be time for […]

Gather ‘Round  – Seat Everyone Comfortably This Thanksgiving

Candle-lit outdoor dining table

Squeeze in, folks. Tired of not having any elbow room at the holiday dinner table? Not every house has a big dining room. Some don’t have dining rooms at all. And not all kitchens are large enough to be eat-in. So, what’s a person to do? Johnson Lumber can help you redesign your kitchen to […]

Prepare your Windows & Doors for the Winter

Snow-covered single family home, Anne Arundel County, Johnson Lumber

Windows and doors are the gateways into our homes – for friends and family, for good vibes and good times. But they also let in the bad stuff too, especially when you’re not thinking about it. When winter comes, most of us think about stocking up on firewood, checking our furnace filters, and making sure […]

2020 Kitchen Design Trends in Your Neck of the Woods

Saddle Kitchen Design, Anne Arundel County, Johnson Lumber

Admit it. Your kitchen is your favorite room in your house. It makes sense. It’s the room where birthday cake is eaten. It’s where you stay up late with visiting family playing cards at the table. It’s where you sit to drink your morning cup and catch up with the rest of the world. But, […]

Winterize Your Deck and Outdoor Space


Brace yourself. Winter is coming, and around here we just don’t know what to expect from it anymore. It’s better to prepare for a harsh winter and winterize your deck and outdoor space than to ignore it and pay the price later. You love your new Johnson Lumber deck. Now you have to protect it […]

Pros and Cons of Using Quartz Countertops

Kitchen Design, Anne Arundel County, Johnson Lumber

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom?  One of the most important decisions is choosing your countertops.  The material can make all the difference in your design, and it’s also important for functionality.  Johnson Lumber stocks an impressive array of countertop materials, and one of our most popular is quartz.  Though some may […]

Guaranteed Quality With The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company

The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company has been offering our customers in central Maryland–and even beyond–quality products and services for nearly 100 years. We believe our commitment to quality and service is what sets us apart from our competitors and has helped us have such incredible staying power. Our staff of designers, lumberyard employees, and sales […]