Energy Efficient Windows


Ever wonder why your energy bill goes up in the winter? It could be your windows. While you’re preparing for the cold and winterizing your home, make sure inspecting your windows is on the checklist. If you notice even a slight draft or a drop in temperature near your windows, it may be time for […]

Prepare your Windows & Doors for the Winter

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Windows and doors are the gateways into our homes – for friends and family, for good vibes and good times. But they also let in the bad stuff too, especially when you’re not thinking about it. When winter comes, most of us think about stocking up on firewood, checking our furnace filters, and making sure […]

Maryland Window Replacement

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Whether you have a home in the Annapolis area, Anne Arundel County or anywhere else in Maryland, installing attractive, durable, energy-efficient replacement doors and windows provides a wide array of benefits. Johnson Lumber has a wide selection of the top brands of high quality replacement doors and windows that can help to make your home […]

A Guide to Buying Replacement Windows

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Windows can make or break the comfort level of your home. Bad windows can lead to unwanted drafts, insects, and high energy bills. Good windows will ensure that your house is properly ventilated, keeps unwanted pests outside of your home, and can even save you money on your energy bill.  Here are some things  to […]

How Installing New Windows Can Save You Money

We don’t often think about replacing the windows in our home. If it’s too hot in summer or too cold in winter indoors, we tend to blame our HVAC system or insulation. But if certain rooms in your home are colder or warmer than others, your windows might be the element that needs replacing.    […]

New Windows for Summer? You bet.

As the weather continues to warm up, it’s hard not to imagine all of the wonderful things you’re going to do when summer comes around. Though summer is pretty fantastic for enjoying watermelon, grilling burgers, and swimming in the pool, odds are that you’re probably going to turn the air conditioning on while you’re inside […]

3 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replace your windows? Most homeowners don’t think about replacing their windows as much as they may think of other remodeling projects in their home until something goes wrong. Windows are responsible for one of the most important jobs in your home, so making sure that they’re performing as they should is more important than you […]

What to Know Before You Purchase a Replacement Window

Effective windows aid your home’s visual appeal, filter outside noise and protect your home from natural elements. If these three elements aren’t upheld, identify the contributing flaws and consider if investing in a replacement window is the best decision. Window replacement revitalizes your home’s aesthetic value and improves structural functionality. However, this process can often […]

4 Tips for Vinyl Window Installation

When taking the time to install a vinyl window, it’s important that before you begin, you familiarize yourself with what the manufacturer recommends. There’s no better official on what to do than the people who created the product. With that in mind, there are generally a few practices that are universally accepted and can help […]