Prepare your Windows & Doors for the Winter

Snow-covered single family home, Anne Arundel County, Johnson Lumber

Windows and doors are the gateways into our homes – for friends and family, for good vibes and good times. But they also let in the bad stuff too, especially when you’re not thinking about it. When winter comes, most of us think about stocking up on firewood, checking our furnace filters, and making sure […]

Winterize Your Deck and Outdoor Space


Brace yourself. Winter is coming, and around here we just don’t know what to expect from it anymore. It’s better to prepare for a harsh winter and winterize your deck and outdoor space than to ignore it and pay the price later. You love your new Johnson Lumber deck. Now you have to protect it […]

Winterizing Your Home: The Dos and Donts

Fall is here and you can feel a chill in the air that serves as a warning that winter will be here before you know it. Winterizing your home before the freezing temperatures get here is vital to keeping you and your family safe and comfortable this year. Here’s some helpful advice to follow when […]