Our 6 Favorite Marvin Doors at Johnson Lumber

Marvin windows, Johnson Lumber, Anne Arundel, MD Lumber, Millwork, & Builders' Materials

Some people say, “Don’t let your dreams hide behind the door of opportunity.” To the team here at Johnson Lumber, every door *is* the opportunity. And with these stunningly designed Marvin doors, we’re confident that the dream of your new renovation won’t be complete without one of them. Today, we’re sharing six of our favorite […]

Choose the Right Doors For Your Home

Simpson Exterior Door, Johnson Lumber

Staying up to date with your doors not only keeps your homes aesthetic appealing, but it can also help with energy efficiency and noise reduction. Sometimes just updating your hardware can make all the difference in the world. Here at Johnson Lumber, we’ve got all you need to know about interior and exterior doors for […]

Energy Efficient Doors


Installing energy efficient doors is one of the most conscious things you can do as a homeowner. Doors and windows are some of the main culprits when talking about your house’s air leakage. This contributes to a loss of energy and a loss of heat in the winter. The condition of your door can contribute […]

Prepare your Windows & Doors for the Winter

Snow-covered single family home, Anne Arundel County, Johnson Lumber

Windows and doors are the gateways into our homes – for friends and family, for good vibes and good times. But they also let in the bad stuff too, especially when you’re not thinking about it. When winter comes, most of us think about stocking up on firewood, checking our furnace filters, and making sure […]

How to Impress Your Guests this Holiday Season

The final months of 2019 are upon us and the holidays are finally here. Getting your home in the best shape possible for hosting holiday events or family gatherings is easy with design expertise and high-quality products from J.F. Johnson Lumber Company. Here are some small home improvements you can make to impress your friends […]